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Data Security at Any Time
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Hackers can steal data through the Internet/Intranet connection without users noticing it.
Hackers can join a “Client-Server Connection” and inspect or even copy files undetected.
Employees of your own company can achieve access on data which is not determined for them, for example staff or financial data which should not be accessible for everyone. NTFT permissions provide insufficient protection against this problem.
Each file is being encrypted with a new AES-Key by the use of the ArmorToken™. Because a potential attacker does not own the ArmorToken™ an attack on highly encrypted files has no impact.
If someone stole an ArmorToken™ he can not use it without a valid PIN code. Furthermore if that PIN code is entered wrong three times, the ArmorToken™ will be disabled. To enable the Token again, you must use an ArmorToken™ which is above in the hierarchical order.
ArmorToken™ provides a 2-Factor-Authentication which means that every user “owns” something (ArmorToken™) and “knows” something (PIN). The loss of one of these things does not create a security leak.
We have the perfect solution for you! ArmorToken™
ArmorToken™ does not use a key distribution. All needed keys are uniquely stored on the Smart Card during the personalization process. The keys do not leave the ArmorToken™. Not even the manufacturer can read the keys.