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Installation ArmorToken Software and Encrypting a File
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Please start the download of the ArmorToken software. After the software is downloaded, open the file.
Please confirm the security warning to start with the setup.
Please read and accept the license agreement. Without your acceptance, an installation of the ArmorToken  is not possible
Now you have to choose the setup directory.
Confirm the folder for the shortcuts.
By clicking on the "Next" button the software will be installed on your PC.
The setup program has successfully installed the software, next click on the "Finish" button. The icon "ArmorToken" is located on the desktop.
Now start the ArmorToken software to en- and decrypt data.
You have different options to en- and decrypt files. Highlight files and place them via Drag & Drop in the respective fields. Highlight files and press your right mouse button to open the context menu. There you can choose "Encrypt" or "Decrypt". The status if the en- or decryption is shown in the job window.
Start with a test file which you place into a test folder.
Highlight the file and press your right mouse button to choose "Encryption".
You are asked to enter the PIN of the ArmorToken™ (between 6 and 12 characters long). The PIN is 000000000000 (zero twelve times), directly after the personalization.
The file now appears in the job window. Dependent on the size of the file, the encryption process is finished soon and the next window appears.
The Job has successfully been finished. You can notice it through the empty job window
Here you can see the encrypted file. It is illustrated with the icon of ArmorToken™. The file has the ending .ate. Please change your PIN in the next step.
Choose "Options" in the upper menu and then "Change PIN...". In the next step you have to enter your individual PIN for the ArmorToken™.
The new PIN must contain 6-12 characters. There are no requirements for the used characters. Continue with "OK".
For further information you can check out our PDF-Files in the download section. Have fun with your ArmorToken™ and the protection of your data!
Now you have to enter the current PIN. Confirm with "OK". (The current PIN is 000000000000 (zero twelve times) directly after the personalization).