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Installation ArmorToken Admin Software
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Please start the download of the ArmorToken Admin software. After the software is downloaded, open the file. Please confirm the security warning to start with the setup.
Confirm the start of the setup.
Please read and accept the license agreement. Without your acceptance, an installation of the ArmorToken Admin is not possible.
Now you have to choose the setup directory.
Confirm the folder for the shortcuts.
By clicking on the "Next" button the software will be installed on your PC.
The setup program has successfully installed the software, next click on the "Finish" button. The icon "ArmorToken Admin" is located on the desktop.
Now you have to start the ArmorToken Admin software to create a database.
Choose the item "Create database".
Next you have to name your database and choose where your database is saved. You can also store the database on a drive in your network. The database is not safety-critical. Watch out: The database must not be lost or corrupted. It is needed together with the Password (next step) to personalize Root-Tokens.
Now you have to create the password (at least 6 characters, a maximum is not limited) for the Root-Token.
Please remember that: The password should be handled like a business secret. It must not be lost like the database! Later you only use the password to personalize a Root-Token. Press "OK".
Finally the database is shown. Close the window and begin with the next subject of the instructions: Creation of groups and users / personalization of an ArmorToken™