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Creation of Groups and Users / Personalization of an ArmorToken™
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Please start the software "ArmorToken Admin" on your device. The last used database will be opened. The most superior group in the hierarchy "Root" is shown.
Now click "Add user".
You can see the suggested user name "Unlabeled Member". Select the field and replace the name with your desired name, in this example "Kaiser Hans". Proceed by pressing the acknowledgment key (not by clicking).
The user "Kaiser Hans" should get a personalized ArmorToken™. Click on "personalize". The window to enter the password appears (equally valid for database and Root-Token).
Enter the password you choose for the creation of your database and press "OK".
The personalization procedure of the ArmorToken™ is in progress. When the process is finished you have obtained an ArmorToken™ which belongs to the user "Kaiser Hans" of the group "Root". This Token can be used to de- and encrypt files. The standard PIN after the personalization process is always 000000000000 (zero twelve times ).
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