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ArmorToken - Data Security Everywhere
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ArmorToken™ is a USB-Token with an integrated SmartCard. Every employee can use the files accessible for him with his individual PIN and open, edit and place them back encrypted.
The user inserts the ArmorToken into the PC. Then he chooses the files or even whole directories which should be en- or decrypted. At last he has to enter his personal PIN.
We use the encryption method AES-256 Bit to encrypt files on a PC. This algorithm is advised by the Federal Office for Information Security. The individual elliptic-curve key pair which creates the encryption keys for the data is safely stored on the smart card.
ArmorToken provides a highly secure data encryption procedure which is advised by the Federal Office for Information Security for an unsecure environment like for example the internet. ArmorToken™ provides a 2-point-authentication which means that every user “owns” something, the ArmorToken™ and “knows” something, the PIN.
To en- and decrypt data of any type there is a software at disposal. That software runs on every established operating system. The easiest way is to select files or even whole directories and place them in the particular field "Encrypt or "Decrypt".
Additionally you are provided with a PC program with its help you are able to create user groups in a hierarchical order. Inside these user groups you create the users. You can create these user groups and users at any time. By personalizing you create an individual ArmorToken for every user which also determines the group affiliation.